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PSW 231 8-RAD: forward or reverse?

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This jolly handy unit has an 'alternate rear-facing driver': very useful, I'm sure, but I cannot seem ever to get the orders right.

Should I *reverse* this unit to get the benefit of the rear driver, or should I 'forward' the unit in the 'reverse' direction?

Under my command these units have a limited life-span ... one of them decided to rotate on the spot so it could "reverse" out of being a sitting duck ..... I can only assume the alternate driver was having a cigarette break, or whatever the Germans did instead of brewing up a nice cuppa ... I guess he had a heck of a suprise when the Crusader nailed him.

Thanks for folks' patience in answering all my newbie questions - it's only since PBEMing that I've needed answers!

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Originally posted by Rankorian:

But I simply forget whether the subsequent advantage is either to reduce the delay in the onset of movement, or to increase the speed of the reverse.

Whatever advantage this was intended to simulate . .. . at the end of the day, the movement command delay and top speed in reverse are slower than forward like every other vehicle.
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