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This is to prevent cheating: if you are the second person to put in your orders, the result is calculated on your PC, then the movie is emailed to your opponent to view before you can view it. This is so you don't get to re-run the turn before sending it to your opponent if you don't like the outcome from the first try!

If you trust your opponent, you can use Fuerte's PBEM Helper tool in "trusted" mode, and you will get to view two movies per email, thanks to a very clever trick it does.


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Before you end your email session ckick on some clear terrain and it will tell you what turn it is.

When I have complete a part where I have plotted I write "Scenario Allied plot turn 5" when all I have done is watch the Movie I write "Scenario Action Phase turn 5". If your opponent does the same you won't get confused about what turn your on.

I like the way it works.

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