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Off map artillery in huge maps

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Maximal dimensions for maps in operation are 8000x4000.

Forward observers in CM represent off map batteries ,that is they are out of the battlefield, at the rear.

We can suppose that those batteries are located from 3km to 10km away from the battlefield.

Then comes to my mind this question : is the huge operation map should include the rear?

Because most of the WWII howitzers reaches a maximal ranges of 9/12 km , that is the size of the map. So, with huge maps, you can't use off map artillery which batteries are located, in this case, at 12/20 km from the firing area, out of their maximal range.

The same could be said about heavy mortars

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In an op, off-board arty is moved forward or to the rear between battles - just as the front moves.

Of course you can include a few howitzers or anything resembling rear area troops in an op. Even in a scen - if it resembles the situation after a breakthru.



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