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Could you help me?

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Many months ago I entered some of my models in the contest for this game. Much later I found out I got some of them in the game but I don't know which ones. I have a photo site on yahoo with some of the pictures, if any of you recognize any of my work could you let me know please. And if possible send me e-mail of what the model looks like in the game. I would buy the game myself but my little computer would never push it. It can just handle Strategic Command.

The photo website is photos.yahoo.com/mkc462000 and my e-mail is mkc462000.yahoo.com.

Thank to anyone who can help with a list. smile.gif

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Thanks for your work. I don't know which ones you did but I'm sure they are great! (Everything looks great in this game.)


I know that Moon (or is it Rune? I always get those two confused.) Posted a while back asking for all those who worked on models for CMBB to email him.

I think you might find the thread in question if you do a search with keywords like "all who worked on models" or something.

Or you can just email Moon. (Or Rune.) Whichever one of those two works for BFC. smile.gif


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Originally posted by MikeyD:

I did a quick search and apparently the URL for the winning CMBB model photos no longer exists. Seems stuff on the web is not exactly permanent -- A reason to get to work filling that reference bookshelf! :D

Perhaps you were looking in the CMBB (this) forum. Repeat for CMBO, here's one interesting thread:


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