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Air support bug.

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When playing against the AI (me as Germans), in Porechye Bridgehead, my troops were attacked on at least 3 different occassions by IL-2's. Each time they would bomb, then missle, then strafe for several turns. Then a few turns later, they would do it again. I checked the scenario and it only calls for them once.

Is this a bug? Do I need to reload?

Does the fact that I restarted the scenario from a save game spot have anything to do with this bug?

I have noticed this in other scenarios too.

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It is as Flamingknives described.

I am sure there is a call for 2 IL-2's to attack ONCE. But I was bombed 3 times, missled 3 times and strafed (actually more than 3 times as each attack includes multiple strafes).

I have CMBB Special Edition that I patched with the latest from Battlefront.com.

I have not seen this bug with other reinforcements that the AI gets during a scenario, only with aircraft.

If no one else has ever had this happen, then it must be something pecular to my program, which must mean something happened during the patch, etc. Sounds like I should reload and see what happens.

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