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ROQC help?

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No dice. ROQC is a tracking and scenario creation program. It might be a bit tedious at first, but once you get the hang of it, it'll take minutes (if that) to create a setup for your next game, giving you more time to play and less time to figure out what to play. RobO is always in and around, and he will give you a much better explanation than I can. Hang in there. It's a super duper program.


Hi Rob.

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Deathsai, here's a short explanation. It may not be enough, tell me if you need more. Also, the CMAK campaign rules have a better getting started guide.

The installation is really easy. Let me repeat the rules:

I recommend making a directory for the rules and the original spreadsheet, and another directory for each campaign.

Copy the spreadsheet to the campaign directory and rename it to reflect the campaign and the first battle, e.g. Schutz01.xls. You can then increment the counter when generating a spreadsheet file for the coming battles.

There are two other files that you need in a campaign. Both are CMBB scenario files (.cme): The core force file and the file used to setup each battle. In the example, I have named them Schutz_core.cmg and Schutz.cme (which means that they are overwritten from battle to battle, as the battle number is not used in the file name – but that’s up to you ofc.). I usually keep these in the Quick Battle Maps directory, but you can in fact keep them wherever you want, as you can browse your way to them from within the editor when you need them.

Oh, btw., these installation tips sort of assume that you're using a PC, not Mac. I'm not familiar with the file structure on a Mac.
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Originally posted by Deathsai:

None of that really helped me...I still have no clue where to unzip the files to, what to name the files, etc.

Can anyone give me a step-by-step instruction guide on how to get me started?

I agree. I actually downloaded the program once and tried it, but was completely lost, so I deleted it.
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OK, let me try again. Assuming you're using the spreadsheet.

You'll download a rules file (or two) and a spreadsheet (perhaps an example spreadsheet as well). Make a folder for the ROQC rules and stick them there (or put them anywhere you like).

When you start up a campaign, I recommend making a folder for that (I like to keep things clearly separated). Copy the spreadsheet to that directory (not the example, the one called e.g. ROQC_CMBB_Sheets_2_20.xls). Rename it to a name suitable for your campaign. I suggest numbering it because you get one of these for each battle, e.g. it could be MyCampaign01.xls

You'll also have a core force .cme file for each campaign - this one will be updated after each battle and can be kept wherever you like. I tend to use the Quick Battle Maps folder. This file is included in the suggested campaign downloads. You'll have to make it yourself if you're playing another campaign.

Finally, there'll be a .cme file for each battle - you can choose to keep them or to overwrite at each battle. I tend to keep those in the Quick Battle Maps folder as well, as they're to be imported when you set up a Quick Battle. These files are copies of the core force file - the rules explain this. The point of this file is that it allows you to tailor the core force to each battle while the core force .cme file contains the full core force.

Is that more clear?

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