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Russian training 202 - handling of mounted troops

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I'm looking for some additional insight on scenario 202 of the russian training pack from JasonC.

The two 'lessons' to be learnt by this scenario are:

- overwhelming AT guns

- use of mounted troops.

I think i have understood the first lesson : i.e the necessity to have several tank with a los to AT gun so that while the gun might kill one, it is quickly reduced to silence by the others.

I have achieved a total victory in this scenario, mostly with my 6 remaing tanks wiping enemy opposition.

However, I think I failed to grasp how to properly use mounted infantry. I understand that I should have been able to bring the SMG squads close to german positions to let them unleash their close range firepower, but they invariably dismounted at the slightest sound of gunfire and were quickly much behind the tanks.

Any advice on how to best use mounted troops would be welcome.



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The first infantry belong in front of the tanks, scouting for them. They will draw fire and pin. The tanks then kill whatever fired at them.

Only a few infantry at a time are needed for the previous. The rest can hang back with the tanks. When the tanks break or pin the defenders by fire, advance with the infantry on foot to clear the position and kill or capture any survivors of the tank fire.

Once a set of enemies in a particular piece of terrain are dealt with, it is time to move to the next objective. Mount the tanks and ride forward until fire brushes the men off.

A reserve often waits in this condition already.

Once brushed off, most infantry seek whatever cover is available nearby. A few scout ahead as before.

If the enemy holds his fire and does not show targets, halt the tanks anyway at 100-200 yards from a suspected enemy position. Then send the infantry closer, to the nearest cover shy of the suspected position. Then send 1-2 scouts into the cover itself, with the rest of the infantry overwatching with the tanks.

The idea is emphatically not to charge intact, good order enemy defenders and dismount under their fire at point blank range - that's suicide and the men flat will not do it.

Every position is cleared by fire.

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