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strange problem with a pbem game

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I'm more than half way through a pbem game and i've suddenly got an error i can't get around

when i attempt to load the latest turn from my opponent cm says "file is meant for a different version" and won't load up the turn

ok, so this is like turn 86 or something where it's suddenly decided to refuse to cooperate - both sides are running 1.03 and neither of us has changed the version we're using or anything else for that matter

anyone else seen this and know how to fix it?

he's already re-sent the turn once on the assumption it was corrupted - no change

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Your opponent needs to replay the last turn and then send it. I've had this happen - it is rare (two time in all my CMBB PBEMs) and it looks like the game turn becomes corrupted as the turn is saved. If you were to give your password to your opponent and he tried to open the turn, he will get the same error message.

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