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Opmappack posted

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...at cmonds database.

(the copied info to it:)

9 different Operation maps....Opmap8 and 9 have each 3 versions.

In the name u can view its size.

They are al very large because i tried to make them as advance maps, leading into, around and through the landscape. Defending these should be quit a challenge aswell.

Just try to make a good setup yourself..mixed forces might be needed.

I kept changing thing so today i just decided to post them...

(u know the drill: u can cut them down if u want, u can use them in whatever way u like, and use them freely in whatever sense....me? i would like to see a real operation scenario posted on one of these, so if u got something for it; please go ahead.)

Next after 6 august im going to puchase the bundelgame with cmak in it. i might be heading over there, and make maps of italy and such, who knowes, we'll see...

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