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Oh man, this sucks really really bad. What a blow to the cm community. So many scenarios, so many enjoyable searches and battles with them.

This is big bad news that hasn't got much attention yet. Although it's only been a few days. I think there just isn't much activity down here in the CMBB forum much anymore. And all everybody seems to be talking about in the CMAK forum is CMx2.

Keith, thanks for the great ride while it lasted. The site will be sorely missed. :(

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Yeah,After playing this game since 1998 its a huge miss.

Admiral: Thanks for the service you provided.

If you decide to start a new site,I have all my scenarios saved,and I am sure there will be many people here who did that as well.

Together we can help Keith to create a new site ,if he wants to.


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Is Boots and Tracks dead now too? The link on the Resources page for CMBB goes to another link that is dead.

Can Battlefront spend a few cycles cleaning up these dead links?

Edit - I suspect with CMC coming out poeple will be revisiting the CMBB support sites and it doesn't look good to have a bunch of links going nowhere.

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