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just like at the box cover...

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It was a parade and battle reenactment at Russia's Kubinka museum outside Moscow. Sep 10-11.

The parade included these vehicles: BA-3 (?), Т-30, Т-70, Т-34/76, IS-3, Т-55, Т-72, Т-80U and Т-90; plus the APCs BTR-40, BTR-80, BMP-1, BMP-2, BMP-3.

The reenactment included a Prague motorcycle, an OT-810 motorcycle, a BA-3 (?), a T-70, a T-30, a MKIV, a Hetzer, and infantry reenactors. The T-34/76 was supposed to participate as well, but it broke.

I would also add the Soviet armored car pictured at the reenactment looks to me like a BA-10, not a BA-3.

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quote:Originally posted by Mies:

Love the black and white's. They give the scene an additional, authentic, dimension.


That's a funny statement.

[big Grin]

Point taken. ;)

What I was trying to say is that almost all the pictures of WWII you tend to see are black and white. Therefore if I see color photo's it looks less 'real'. A T34 in b&w just looks more impressive to me. That is not to say that to see the WWII hardware in real life in a museum etc. is a whole different story.


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