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do people really do this --> ??

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Hi All,

I remember reading one of the threads last week about view selection during a battle and what struck me was a comment made by someone saying that a few die hards play an entire battle in nothing else but view (1) :eek: ??

Is this true or an over emphasis. I find it hard enough with all views at my disposal and the thought of playing an entire battle only in view 1 is unbelievable.



P.S. I'm losing sleep trying to get my head around over this concept :D

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I can't remember the name of the handle of the person who created the rule set to do this. (fiona or something?)

It goes something like you can only use tab to lock onto unit.

If a unit has binocs, you can use 2x magnification, 4x for optics in vehicles.

You can only use the select next unit (+/-) to move between units.

If you have units in buildings you can use setting 2 for view, 3 if you are in a second floor.

It is only about 2-3 pages, however......

You will make a large quantum leap in your skill. I got so annoyed at first using it, but then when I did use it, I never came away with less than total victory against small unit ops against the AI.

In fact, if I had to do it all over again, I would have played my ROWIII turns using this technique.

Now, when against an opponent you trust, it would be the ultimate game, and my hope is that there is going to be a way to lock a game into this mode in future releases by this company. I can't tell you how much more real, and how much your play will improve if you do this.

Try it with scenarios you have played, like the first small one with CMBB, (partisan type action at the top of the list).


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By coincidence I tried this in an all infantry Quickbattle last night. And I also tried to not pan beyond the LOS of my men (no zooming around the battlefield). Man-o-man, the game suddenly gets more challenging! The wooded ridgeline on the far side of the flag is nothing but a sea of red stars, you hear artillery falling and the ground shakes, but if it's not within your LOS you don't know where it's falling and can't correct it. Anyone who complains about the AI should just abandon the 'God's eye view' from above and the game gets a whole lot scarier.

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i just tried this as well. its a great challenge plus with the modded sounds it feels like your right there in the middle of a big battle. though i play on view two, i have yet to try view one. me = scared

not a good idea if you have a large force, my + and - button would be worn out

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Originally posted by MikeyD:

Man-o-man, the game suddenly gets more challenging! The wooded ridgeline on the far side of the flag is nothing but a sea of red stars[...]

Aren't you supposed to switch the marker for units which went out of LOS off under these rules?
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i just finished a QB battle using one of Olddoggs maps. wow is all i can say, i got lost in the woods at one point but later on i found my way out and were in a fierce fire fight against some entrenched veteran germans. hoo boy i love it, why have i not found these rules earlier

i came out with a tactical victory tongue.gif

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