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Finnish markings

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I was at the Bovington Tank Museum the other day and I noticed that they had a Finnish T-26. I coldn't help but notice that the swastika markings on the hull were the same way around as the Nazi swastika (i.e. arms pointing clockwise). However, in CMBB, the swastikas on the Finnish tanks are the mirror image, much like the ancient Sanskrit symbol (incidently I think the word 'swastika' is also Sanskrit). Is this a deliberate feature? Wondered if it was due to distribution issues in Europe.

On an unrelated note, Sanskrit is a beautiful language and everyone should learn at least a few words.

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The arms point clockwise in the real one, and in CMBB T-26 too IIRC (but swastikas on left sides are mirror images of those on right sides). Or at least in the modded ones which I use; they're excellent. The mod is by mchlstrt, he's modded all T-26 models for Finns, Russians and Romanians.

Finns used two kinds of swastikas during war: the symbol painted on tanks during Continuation War was 'Liberty Cross', which had shorter arms. Then there was the blue 'von Rosen cross' which was used by Finnish Air Forces since 1918. Sometimes Finnish tankers mistakenly painted a von Rosen cross on their tanks, though.

This is the Liberty Cross:


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