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Hello, hello - WineCape back in CM town.

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Hello all,

Been away for 2 months on my 1st holiday in 8 years. (Mostly to Europe and Madeira). Will take me some time to peruse the RoW III threads scattered over the board.

Any news from people about the difficulty of receiving the wine prices/gifts send before I left? Especially to some states in the USA. Let me know. Any news on those that received/tasted the fruits on South Africa's sunshine in the bottles will be much appeciated too. If you didn't like some wines, will be glad to hear which ones.

I assume CMBB 1.03 is out long ago, better head over to check and download.

Kingfish, drop me an e-mail during your busy schedule if you think there is anything I should know.

It's good to back. Regards,

Charl Theron




  • Sponsor of the (now infamous) Invitational (Ari Maenpaa)</font>
  • Sponsor of the 2 WineCape Tourneys (Fangorn’s Brazilian customs drank the wine prize up! + KiwiJoe)</font>
  • Sponsor of the Nordic Championships in honor of Nabla (His scoring system revolutionized CM tourney play)</font>
  • Rumblings of War, aka RoW I/II/III and beyond tourney sponsor (Wreck/Ali+Kanonier+Jon_L/~)</font>
  • Grateful donateur to the drinking habits of Battlefront.com (Baldy received the Fat Bastard Chardonnay)</font>
  • Thank You donation send to Manx (He used to run the “sexiest CMBO modsite on the net”)</font>
  • Wine donation send to Team Boots & Tracks for their scenarios created specifically for RoW tournaments</font>
  • Wine donation send to Gordon Molek for his CMMOS utility (Thereby making the installing of CM mods a breeze)</font>
  • Wine donation send to Andrew Fox for his CM modding work</font>
  • Wine donation send to Keith Miller @ Scenario Depot for his dedication in hosting CM scenarios</font>
  • Sponsor-to-be of Pengville’s “Gamey Bastard” tourney (In honor of Seanachai + Lars for showing an act of kindness to an outerboarder - Well, bribery does pay.)</font>

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Originally posted by mike_the_wino:

They make wine in South Africa?!?!?

Man I gotta keep up on the latest developments. :D

Since 1659 if memory serves correctly. Why, I believe my signature below says it all regarding the type of wines you might be indulging if playing in a RoW tourney and you are lucky enough to beat your opponents into a pulp on the battle field.

But then, political events of late seems to conspire against people receiving liquor via mail, especially more so after the Twin Towers debacle...

Hello Cpl. Carrot! How did you do in RoW III?

Charl Theron


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