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Scenario recommendations sought for PBEM play

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Am looking for a balanced fight, have already played the amazing Trappenjagd and am well into the nail biting, rip your hair out Royal Opponent. Would like something smaller that doesn't tax me or my rig so heavily as either. One monster at a time! Learned that playing Tiger Valley and Trappenjagd in tandem. Eek!

(cut to)

NG cavscout impatiently checking his E-mail for a set up.


John Kettler

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John K --

I'll recommend two of mine that I had fun with and another that I playtested from both sides.


Artillery Sword

Late war scenario with scratch German force trying to check Soviet advance. * make sure you pick of "Sword" not "Artillery Shield" which is balanced to play against the AI.


Newly arrived Pzr IV longs vs T34s. Good scrappy battle that will test your nerves. Well rated. Author: VON SCHWENDEMAN


Brit Inf AT Tactics 1940

This one is designed to play 2 player only. About 24 turns and 2000 points. Better player should play as the British and be a scrappy player.

Good luck

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