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This question goes out to JasonC and anyone else who is thoroughly familiar with all or most the senarios in the Special Edition of CCBB. I'm wondering which of the senarios you concider to be most quintessential to the game as a whole, which best represents it and lets say if you could have only a dozen or so to play or recommend which would they be? Based on map and unites, situation and whatever else you may concider that would make these the most tactically instructive, challenging realistic or just play fun.

I know one could say they are all good, they all have their place but and its a matter of mood or oppinion; nevertheless, I'm still wondering since there are so many which ones stand out the most to you.

:)lets put it this way: say you had a friend we'll call him General P and he wanted to play this game but his time was limited and he could only play now and then and over the long stretch sporadically, indefinitely; which 3-6-12 games would you recommend to him.

Don't limit your choice to the ones that are just easy to start with but also include the games that are always good no matter how much experience need for them. The senarios he'll want to work his way up to a victory. Which ones I ask will get him hooked enough to want more!

Here's another senario lets say a time capsal was sent to mars and was to leave selected samples of "Combat mission II Barbarossa to berlin"... Only kidding :D Sorry I had to say that

Anyway, you understand and thanks

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