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Best CMBB scenarios for PBEM play?

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I know many of the CMBB scenarios suggest they're good for PBEM play, but does anyone have any particular favorites? My criteria is for something managable, and not one that's going to require several months to finish. For example, my brother and I just finished playing the Totenkopf scenario, which seemed just right --- 20 moves, and not an overwhelming number of units for either side. We complete about a move/day, and often more on the weekends.

Another less important criteria would be for a mixed terrain, and for both sides to have some vehicles. We like to play not knowing at all what the other guy's forces are, so studying the scenarios can often spoil this effect.

Anyway, any suggestions appreciated...

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If you are looking for a large tank battle that will blow the monitor off your desk try HSG KH Bloody Road!

I have yet to see any game played on it that the results have been less than 70 knocked out AFV's on the field. Most of the time it is over 100 lost vehicles!!

Beware, this scenario ROCKS!!

You can get it at:


Enjoy... :D

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