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Greetings. I am so fired up about buying this game. 2 quick questions before I do so.

1.) I have both PC and Mac. Is one better than the other? My Mac is more than fast enough.. my PC is 900mhz.

2.) Could someone explain how the "Hot Seat" format works.

Many thanks!


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HotSeat is a mode you can play if you have a friend over your house and you want to play against him, you take your turn, get up, then he takes his turn, ect.

As far as what is faster, PC or Mac, a Pc can usualy run circles around a Mac, but it all depends on the hardware in your pc, i'd use the faster machine with the better graphics card wichever that may be.

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CMBB runs fine on my old PIII-450 MHZ. A reasonable amount of RAM never hurts (I have 512 MB). CMBB runs fairly smooth on my system.

Well, apart from "To The Volga"...nobody's machine can run that scenario smoothly. You'll see what I mean when you get the game.

CMBB is the cat's ass...the bee's knees...any other animal part...

You'll love it.

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What's the Mac?

How it plays seems to depend on what graphics card you've got CM works fine with ATI cards upto 32mb, the later ones go flakey

Macs with Nvidia cards seen to work OK

I have no problems with a G4 450DP with an aftermarket ATI Radeon Retail 32mb (Smoke effects work sweetly)

PC's with ATI cards don't show tranparent smoke effects

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Hi, and welcome,

Before you choose the mac version I'd check your hardware. There are several mac owners on the board that suffer from serious graphic downsampling problems. Someone'll be along shortly to give you the specifics, no doubt.

Happy gaming!

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