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MikeyD Panther G W.I.P.

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I have a survey for y'all.

I'm in the middle of attempting to delete the cooling pipes on the left side exhaust to make a more accurate G model. BUT I might not be able to entirely delete the last few inches at the top due to 'shared' art. If a choice had to be made which would YOU prefer? 1: An accurate G model exhaust with a couple annoying undeletable bits hovering above it at the top, OR 2: a less accurate but more esthetically pleasing A-style exhaust retaining twin cooling pipes? ...Or, I suppose, a separate 'Alt_DeletedPipes' folder so you have a choice?

I do get the feeling BFC relied heavily on the old - and outdated - Squadron "Panther in Action" reference picture book. Everything from the cast cupola'd D model to the G with triple exhaust stacks are in that book. If it weren't for the later Jentz books I'd be all confused by the danged Panthers myself!

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Another WIP. Artwork done, starting the long processing of colorizing.

You don't know what an armor tutorial these mods have been for me. All weekend long I was making noises like "Wow, so THAT's what Panther G tool stowage looks like!" Don't think I start these things knowing ahead of time how they're supposed to look. And yes, this one's going to include an alt. no spare track turret side.


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After bumping into so many pictures of Zim'd-up early production Gs with normal dished wheels I may be compelled to offer TWO early G mods. This non-Zimmerit factory camou steel wheel G, and then an earlier yellow basecoat Zim'd G off the same BMP numbers. But I won't even think of starting that alt. version until the last LATE G is done & gone.

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