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Rude Awakening mission -- Partisans

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Hello Santosdiablo-

You know how in the QB parameters screen

the Axis has various Nationalities to

choose from?

Well on the Allies side there is a choice

between 'Soviet' and 'Partisan'.

Bear in mind that Partisans are not

available until (I think) September '41...

and the Region of the USSR may also be

a factor...pick 'All Combined' if you like...

There is a mod for Partisans (at CMMODS

of course) that makes them even funkier...

Some officers get leather coats, which

I'm told are hip with the kids today...

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Ah... incase someone might be interested and since this is on topic. I have updated and posted a Partisan scenario to TSDII.

It's named "DEY-unFair Weather Warriors" ,it's made to be played as Human controlled Axis versus Computer controlled Allied.

It's Partisans (with a few captured German AFV's) attacking German security forces.

It has been changed quite alot from earlier versions.

Also somewhat off topic, I've posted a reworked The King Has Arrived and it's been renamed to "DEY-Desperate Measures E1"

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unFair Weather Warriors is a battle, I don't make or even play operations.

I don't recall there ever being such a beast made.

Frankly I don't like infantry heavy battles, so that is why I added a couple of tanks for the Partisans.

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I have one ready for playtesting. I've only played through the first battle myself - hotseat - and I know a bit too much about both sides that way. But I think it is cool.

It is called the hunt for Vasili. Here is the initial briefing (common). I'll send the op file to anyone interested, and it is ready for one of those playtest scenario sites, if anyone can point me to one.

The Hunt for Vasili

In the spring of 1942 as the Russian winter counteroffensives died out and the Germans restored a continuous front once more, Russian units found themselves behind enemy lines. They joined survivors of the epic defeats of the previous summer who had taken to the woods, and with local civilians resisting the German invaders. In the marshy forests of western central and northern Russia, they formed pockets of local Russian control. They were dependent for supplies on raiding villages and German trains.

The Germans garrisoned the larger inhabited localities and patrolled the rail lines with second line infantry, often manned by men in their forties. It had been a hard winter and the spring was wet and miserable. These rear area soldiers were not the most active in the German army, giving the partisan bands an edge. When they became bothersome, the Germans might send better led formations to root them out. By night, the partisans raided for supplies. By day, the Germans hunted them in the swamps.

This operation depicts such a fight. A certain charismatic officer, Major Vasili, has organized the partisans in his area into a more disciplined band than usual. The Germans want his head.

Scenario special victory conditions - the Russians win if they control both village flags at the end of any battle. The Germans win if they completely eliminate the Russian company HQ. Otherwise, victory depends on losses only.

P.S. - best to play this with another human. I doubt the AI can understand the objectives in this one, let alone clever ways to getting to them.

[ April 03, 2006, 08:41 PM: Message edited by: JasonC ]

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Jason why don't you post your scenario on to the Ptoving grounds for the community to playtest. I'll take a crack at it myself and if you like I'll playtest it with you. It'll give you a better insight on the way it plays if you have an oponent.

Your training scenario's were excellent.

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Jason, I'm currently playing your partisan operation against the AI and I think I may have encountered a bug.


I am currently playing as the Russians and there is a fairly straightforward way of capturing the two flags, even after the first couple of battles. If the Russians split their force into three parts and use the platoon west of the village to cut in between the two flags, a second force to cut through north of the northerly flag (to form a defensive perimeter) and the remaining force to directly assault the northern flag, then both flags will be captured by the end of the first battle. This is due to the fact that the southern end of the map is friendly to the Russians, thus meaning that the capture of the northern flag will guarantee control of the southern flag. Also, this gives away the German approach when re-enforcements arrive in the next battle. After the remainder of the German forces in the village have been hunted down and destroyed, it is simply a matter of moving your men quickly north to set up defences north of the village. This defensive line need only be held for a few minutes of game time to ensure vistory.

Of course, it would be different against a human opponent, who would be much harder to route out of the village in the first place. But the theory still stands to a degree- the friendly sountern map edge means that the capture of the northern flag implies the capture of the southern flag. In addition, it would be hard to see how a human player would lose Vasili, as the terrain is almost ideally suited for hiding people in and there is no compulsion to actually take him into battle at all.

Maybe the map could use a couple of hills or something? But maybe not, given that its a marsh

But, when all's said and done, the operation is great fun. Very cool idea and the stealth aspect makes a great change from the usual open battles. Much respect for going to the trouble of creating a partisan operation!

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The Russians should not control any board sides. If it shows one as Russian owned, that should be changed. The difficulty seems to be that ops as such want all the map dynamics to operate on a linear model, and the whole point here is for there to be no lines, only perimeters and narrowly held areas. It may be when I changed a setting about where reinforcements are to appear, the editor reset the side ownership.

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