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The Weather and Climate - Part 2

Guest Joe08

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Guest Joe08

Game engine: NEW

Synopsis: There are 4 seasons in a year and yet in any one season the climate varies remarkably across Europe and the Middle East affecting combat and supply differently in each climate.

Each hex is designated to be a certain climate.

- Artic

- North European

- West European

- East European ( Russian front)

- South European

- Mediterranean

- Middle Eastern

Winter in the artic adversely affects an artic hex but winter would have little effect on a Middle Eastern hex.

Summer in the artic is still difficult for supply and combat but summer in Northern Europe is positive for supply and combat.

The game developer needs to be clever here. Italy has a mountain range running down the middle. The Italian coastal hexes would probably be designated Mediterranean. But the mountain hexes might be designated East European. This type of thinking could be used across the map.

The weather has a different effect on each climate type. Ultimately the weather adversely affects supply and com,bat

CONS: It might add too much complexity to the game.

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