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ROW III - The Boots & Tracks CMBB Tourney (Part 2)

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Originally posted by Red 6:

The Beast vs Joakim Rudd - turn 5

I'd like to point out thet it's "RUUD", not Rudd. Pronounced "Rude" - cause that's just the kinda guy I am. tongue.gif

Chirstmas Battle vs Flammenwerfer: Turn 13

Hosszupalyi vs Shock Trooper: Turn 3

King of Debrecen vs Jaws: Turn 9

Rear Guard Action vs Sripe: Turn 13

The Beast vs Red_6: Turn 3

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Yes, I am now up and running on all five games.

I'm being made redundant (thanks AMP :( ) so a lot of my time is being spent looking for another job and researching the possibilty of going self-employed. The world of financial services is not that great at present.

So if I am a bit slow with turns from time to time, I apologise in advance but I promise that I will catch up.

As for Holien generously saying that it was I who taught him all he knew, well it is very much the other way around. I was a total PBEM newb and he has beem very patient with my eccentricities (?) and sometimes bizarre method of play. Without his input and guidance I wouldn't be competing in this tourney.

Unfortunately I will miss the gathering in London this evening; it's been a hectic week.

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Hi all....sitrep for section 2-3 follows...

# Rear_Guard_Action

Matt_Green vs MrSpkr

Making good progress turn 3 or 4

# Hosszupalyi

Lord_Dragon vs Matt_Green

Another good start turn 3

# The_Beast

Matt_Green vs a1steaks

Underway...turn 2

# The_Christmas_Battle

endit vs Matt_Green

Issued orders for turn 1

# King_Of_Debrecen

Matt_Green vs Mikeydz

long pole in the tent...did setup but have not heard anything else in a few days....

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Just a note: I got all scenarios, either the initial file from Treeburst or their setups from the other opponents. But I just returned from vacation and will probably not be able to respond right away, nasty papers in the mail and some others to send out.

The scenarios look very good from a first glance. Need evil plans.

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Still have never received the setup from Zealotburner or jjelinek.

I did get a confirmation email from them before the tourney started but since then all is quiet.

I hope there not lost wandering the Steppes somewhere.

Edit: Just heard from jj, he's sending a turn today.

[ January 12, 2003, 10:44 AM: Message edited by: Ted ]

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Great weekend to make progress!!! First my Hard disk with CM crashed :mad: and had to be replaced, and second the cooler of my video card let loose :mad: . It cost me 3 reinstalls of windows XP and CM before I noticed the problem with my cooler :confused: .

But most important I'm again ready to battle.


[ January 12, 2003, 02:39 PM: Message edited by: Jaws ]

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Whats this thread doing at the bottom of the page?

Have four games going, and have sent files on three of those games today. Haven't received a turn from Bimmer this weekend, and CombinedArms is out of town for a few more days, I think. Anyhow, am looking forward to the contact portion of the battles as it has mostly been positioning thus far. Looks like Enoch is the pace-setter for sending turns back in the early going.

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