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ROW III - The Boots & Tracks CMBB Tourney (Part 2)

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Originally posted by Treeburst155:

It's been my experience that the Soviet units are um....inferior. For example, the Soviet infantry have to throw bottles of gasoline at tanks to knock them out. In cold weather the German tankers probably welcome this. :D

The following twelve players drew the schedule that yields four games as the Soviets. Although their chances of doing well in the tourney are just as good as anyone else's (their play is compared to other Soviet players), playing the Soviets takes a bit more finesse IMO.

Those who drew the Soviet card:

Enoch, Kanonier Reichmann, Gunnersman, MickOZ, Cpt_T, Frunze, Lord Dragon, WadePM, Wellsonian, Steve Fielding, Shocktrooper, Joe_Cz

It's a dirty Commie conspiracy I tell ya! This on top of being the Allies 4 times in the Nordic Wannabee tournament as well. What have I ever done to you TB?


BTW, I have received 2 initial PBEM files and have yet to start my one and only as the Germans as I like to "savour" the setup part, especially as it's the only time I'll get to play with a Sturmoser Tiger.....ohhhh.....WHOOPS!


Jim R.

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Current Status Jan 9 (2144 hours)

# Rear_Guard_Action

Frenchy vs Space_Hamster

(Awaiting setup file from opponent)

# Hosszupalyi

SuperSlug vs Frenchy

(T1 sent)

# The_Beast

Deadly 88 vs Frenchy

(setup sent Jan 7)

# The_Christmas_Battle

Frenchy vs Ryddle

(Awaiting setup file from opponent)

# King_Of_Debrecen

Joe_Cz vs Frenchy

(Files exhanged T1 Jan 9)

[ January 09, 2003, 10:44 PM: Message edited by: Frenchy ]

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Just figured out why I haven't received all 5 files (4 only). I had the word 'christmas' in my blocked words to use in the subject line. That has been removed. Can you send 'The Christmas Battle' one more time please. Thanks,


[ January 09, 2003, 10:45 PM: Message edited by: JAT ]

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Update, Thurs, Jan 9th

# Rear_Guard_Action

Joe_Cz vs Ryddle

(Battle is under way)

# Hosszupalyi

Ryddle vs Space_Hamster

(Waiting for File)

# The_Beast

Ryddle vs SuperSlug

(Battle under way)

# The_Christmas_Battle

Frenchy vs Ryddle

(file sent)

# King_Of_Debrecen

Deadly 88 vs Ryddle

(I need to get this off... tomorrow)



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Sent Rear Guard to Ted- why do I always have to take it in the ......never mind.

Xmas Battle sent to Gunnersman- I see myself getting a lump of coal sometime soon...

The Beast is off to jjelinek- I hear bear-baiting is all the rage this year....

I await the rest of the scenarios...

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Originally posted by Kanonier Reichmann:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Cpl Carrot:

Ditto here. I just hope Holien and K.R. arn't holding to many grudges against me ;)

Cpl Carrot

Well I still have this theory C.C. that you're really Titan under a different name! It could explain many things. Whaddya reckon H?

Jim R.</font>

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Originally posted by WineCape:

Well, I would like that to be the case, and if he is Titan, I say that moi has just felled the beast with ease in our recent PBEM battle. :eek: Sorry Cpl.Carrot, but it seems that you are a legend in the making in this tourney and your ticket has just been marked as a "dangerous hoodlum", not to be allowed through the turnstiles at all! :D

Well let me just say this. I am not Titan, KiwiJoe or any other NZ player other than Cpl Carrot.

K.R. and Holien and Redwolf even, have blown my efforts well out of proportion and hence have made me into some CM demon.

WineCape did thrash me quite convincinly, however I have requested a rematch (though he did claim he was busy. Coincidence? ;) ).

So please, stop picking on little old me :D;)

Cpl Carrot

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He He He...

As for our game Cpl, I was not allowed near the PC last night apart from slipping one out to Bertram.

I have only done that set up and I just got the set up from Mr D this morning.

I am not sure which game I will set up tonight but it is liable to be only one and perhaps returning Mr D's game.

I like the look of the Christmas game so it might be that which will get my full attention.

Now I must do some work or lose my job.



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Section 3-3 Report

Rear Guard Action vs Joakim Ruud - turn 7

Hosszupalyi vs Red 6 - turn 1

The Beast vs Jaws - turn 11

The Christmas Battle vs Shock Trooper - turn 1

King of Debrecen vs Flammenwerfer - turn 9

Incredible maps. Great action.

I do believe I made it to CM heaven.

[ January 11, 2003, 02:19 PM: Message edited by: Sripe ]

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Time for the friday evening update, before I log of.

The Beast against Holien is rolling (turn 3)

Xmas against Dorosh has my men shivering in turn 2

Cpl Carrot is trying for that million to one chance in King of... (turn 1 send)

Tuomas has let me know that he will send me the setup for Hosszupalyi (have to look that one up each time) on monday

And I have send Kannonier R the Rear Guard setup, but havent heard from him yet.

As I am typing this I hear that loved 'ping', signaling incoming mayhem. So this is outdated already.


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Missed him...

I have heard from James and he is busy doing his set-ups so don't disturb him. He has taught me all I know...

As for the mountain man, if he gets down from it he will see that I have sent him my set up.

Now lets see what XMas is all about.

TB I am sat at home drinking a nice red and have a pass out for the night...



P.s. I was just pinged and Moutain man has seen his turn from the high ground and sent me it back. Cancel set up....

[ January 10, 2003, 04:35 PM: Message edited by: Holien ]

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Section 2-2

Rear Guard Action vs Tero - Turn 2 and progressing.

Hosszupalyi vs John Kettler - Waiting for John's new computer, setup sent anyway.

The Beast vs Jeb - Setup sent, awaiting reply.

The Christmas Battle vs JAT - Waiting for a couple days until JAT's time frees up a bit.

King of Debrecen vs Frunze - Turn 1 and progressing.

Jeb and John, have you received my emails?


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It looks like this here tourney is running smoothly. This is good because I just received word that I will have to work tomorrow. It might even be a very long day. Evidently, my employer does not know that HOLIEN is the one who is supposed to be working long hours. I simply don't have the time to work! :D

Fight On!

Treeburst155 out.

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Good morning...

I hope you are working TB!!!


I am just waking up slowly with a nice cup of coffee.

Christmas was cancelled due to a blizard of turns from the mountain man. The Set up might be done today dependant on painting and a CM trip to London. I have to work out where to put the fairy.

Bertram has yet to awake and I will look out for him in between painting walls.



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All games underway:

Rear Guard Action vs Seahawk - Turn 1

Hosszupalyi vs Wellsonian - Turn 6

The Beast vs Sgt CDat - Turn 4

The Christmas Battle vs Nollof - Turn 3

King of Debrecen vs Cyrano - Setup

Congratulations to the designers for the fine scenarios, they all look to be great battles!


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