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ROW III - The Boots & Tracks CMBB Tourney (Part 2)

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Hi Scheer,

James has had the occasional hic cup with his e-mail provider.

He is usually very reliable and I am sure around here somewhere.


P.s. He might be suffering shell shock as we are learning street fighting together and I have some Russian assualt guns reducing his living options....


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Treeburst - Have received turns from Joe-cz (Debreczen I believe). Other two games which I am German, and have sent files, have not yet received replies (going on 48 hours). Have yet to receive turns from 2 players starting games and I am Russian...still awiting chance to get turn and set up. Like to get a couple of turns in before I leave town on the 12th of January...

Tourney 3/Section 4







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Have received a file from Holien, and bounced it right back, to show that I am no slacker smile.gif .

For the record, I both work and study (and play CM). Take that, you lazy slackers!

(to be honest, I work freelance, and the study seems to go a lot faster when I have no actual jobs to do).


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Thanks, Frenchy. Be patient with your German opponents. Some setups take time. smile.gif

To All,

Periodic updates as to your progress, just like Frenchy has done above, are very helpful to me. I am made aware of potential problems, and can easily determine how to score a battle, should it go incomplete. (I will know who to blame). I will have a history right here on the forum. It would be nice if all players would post weekly progress reports to this thread (better than email), especially if you have some slow moving games.

Treeburst155 out.

Make sure you get the win if a game goes incomplete! For that I need documentation!

[ January 09, 2003, 02:53 PM: Message edited by: Treeburst155 ]

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Thanks for the reply,,,,

Comon you grogs with wives, kids, lives, you really shouldn't be wasting your time playing this tourney, give it up,,,,get your priorities straight!!!

.....and when they are straight, make sure to send me your email when I take your place!!!


Good luck all you commanders, may the best/luckiest win!


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Here´s my status, Section 3-1

"King of Debrecen" (German) setup sent to Seahawk this morning, 11:00 GMT+1.

"Rear Guard Action" (German) setup sent to Sgt CDAT this morning, 11:30 GMT+1.

"Hosszupalyi" setup (German) sent to Cyrano yesterday morning.

Lead (and hot molten TNT of course) is already getting exchanged between me and Wellsonian in "The Beast" (Allied).

"The Christmas Battle": Nothing received from Ron_Alderdice yet. Allied Pack is on my HD.

Bring it on guys, I´m waiting ..

From what I´ve seen so far the scenarios are extremely cool! Respect!


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At this point I am assuming that everyone has files for FIVE games except for John Kettler and Tuomas. If you do not have all five of these emails, let me know ASAP.

Remember, this tourney operates under complete Fog Of War! Say nothing about your games other than progress reports on files exchanged.

Fight On!!

Treeburst155 out.

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Pixelmaster - Section 1-4

Rear Guard Action

Sent the first file to Heavy Drop an hour ago


Sent the first file yesterday and have received a file back from mPisi

The beast

Mick OZ and I have already sent some files back and forth

the christmas battle

Waiting for Fate to sent me the first turn (take your time)

King Of Debrecen

Just sent the first file to The Capt



ROW III - Section 1-4

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It's been my experience that the Soviet units are um....inferior. For example, the Soviet infantry have to throw bottles of gasoline at tanks to knock them out. In cold weather the German tankers probably welcome this. :D

The following twelve players drew the schedule that yields four games as the Soviets. Although their chances of doing well in the tourney are just as good as anyone else's (their play is compared to other Soviet players), playing the Soviets takes a bit more finesse IMO.

Those who drew the Soviet card:

Enoch, Kanonier Reichmann, Gunnersman, MickOZ, Cpt_T, Frunze, Lord Dragon, WadePM, Wellsonian, Steve Fielding, Shocktrooper, Joe_Cz

Thanks guys. I'll make sure you have a more balanced schedule in the next tourney; UNLESS, like Frunze, you PREFER playing the Soviets. :eek:

The way it works is that the third name on the player file for each section draws the lopsided schedule. I have always let the chips fall where they may; but with CMBB, I think I'll keep track so I can 'spread the wealth' from tourney to tourney. :D Hmmm....I think I will ask for Soviet volunteers from now on.

Treeburst155 out.

[ January 09, 2003, 04:36 PM: Message edited by: Treeburst155 ]

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As of this post I have still not received my allied briefing and password for "The Beast". All otheer games have been received and are in progress.

P.S try sending it to fmeyer@cablevision.com, but I can't understand why that one E-Mail wont get to me, are you getting any turnaround error messages?

[ January 09, 2003, 04:46 PM: Message edited by: Nidan1 ]

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Crap, its been several months since finishing the regular season in ROW2, but I had forgotten how much it bites to be stuck at work and see all the posts about turns going out, movies being watched, etc. Times like these make me wish I was unemployed again, or a student. I guess the only solace is that I can return the favor for some poor schlub half way across the world tonight when I get home.

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Rear Guard Action

Received Briefing waiting for setup from THumpre


Sent the setup and 1st move to Gunnersman

The Beast

Received Briefing waiting for setup from Zealotburner

The Christmas Battle

Sent the first file to Kunstler but have to resend zipped (he has a Mac)

King Of Debrecen

Received Briefing waiting for setup from jjeliinek

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Section 1-1

The Beast:

Bimmer and I are up to turn 5 already.

King of Debrecen:

Juha and I have exchanged setups


Combined Arms is out of town until the 12th.

The Christmas Battle:

Spanish Bombs says he will be getting me the setup soon, perhaps even this evening.

Rear Guard Action:

Tabpub will be sending me the setup this weekend.

All seems to be going well and what I've seen of the battles so far looks very interesting.

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