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ROW III - The Boots & Tracks CMBB Tourney (Part 2)

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Section 2-2:

Debrecen vs. John L. - Turn 16 or so.

The Beast vs Tero and Hosszupalyi vs Jeb - about turn 9

RGA vs. Sgt. Abell - Turn 3. Well, he's a replacement, got a late start.

Christmas vs. John Kettler - not started. Y'all know the circumstances.

I can wait, John, if you'll be able to move fast once you get your computer.

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Hi Kingfish, that reminds me, any ETA on old RoW AAR's to the BnT's website? I feel I'm going a bit overboard with my AARs and it'd be nice to see some that passed the test.

Which also reminds me...

Treeburst, what ended up being the Official Start Date of the ROW III tourney? And that would make the deadline...?

Thanks smile.gif ,


[ January 24, 2003, 06:16 PM: Message edited by: Sripe ]

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Thanks! That's my plan. My interim rig has now apparently morphed from an iBook into a 15" iMac with CD-RW. Am to the point where the what is far less important than simply being able to play CMBB.

Besides, an East Coast friend's in town, and I need to proselytize! I softened him up today with my IMAGES OF KURSK book, by Nik Cornish, coupled with a glowing account of the Beta Demo open house.


John Kettler

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The official deadline for game results and AARs is Easter Sunday, April 20th.


I have a couple/three AARs that just came in. I'll send them to you on Sunday after I record them (points). I'm too tired to do any tourney work tonight. I've been at work 30 of the last 48 hours. :(

Fight ON!!

Treeburst155 out.

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Here is a short update for section 2/4 ...

Scheer vs Sgt. Gold - The beast - finished

James Crowley vs Scheer - Xmas - turn 15

Scheer vs JPS - Hosszupalyi - turn 14

Nidan1 vs Scheer - Rearguard action - turn 15

Scheer vs WadePM - King of Debrecen - turn 15

[ January 25, 2003, 09:59 AM: Message edited by: Scheer ]

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Combat is moving briskly in ROW III, section 1-1.

The Beast vs. Juha_A: finished

Hosszupalyi vs. Enoch_: just a couple of turns left

Read Guard Action vs. Spanish Bombs: turn 10

King of Debrecen vs. Tabpub: turn 18

Christmas Battle vs. Bimmer: turn 15 (turn #s approx.)

I'm guessing that in our section the April deadline will be VERY easy to make....

I'd like to say, too, that these are terrific scenarios. Every one of them offers a different challenge, and they're fun to play.

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Section 1-1

The Beast vs Bimmer:


King of Debrecen vs. Juha:

Turn 14(?)

Hosszupalyi vs. Combined Arms:


The Christmas Battle vs. Spanish Bombs:

Turn 12.

Rear Guard Action vs. tabpub:

Turn 14.

edited to note the completion of Hosszupalyi.

[ January 25, 2003, 11:16 PM: Message edited by: Enoch ]

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Well guys, I have some bad news. Several of you have reported coming into possession of more than one of the ROW III scenarios. You have also informed me of the circumstances surrounding the acquisition. Considering these things, it is safe to say that FOW has been severely compromised. I wouldn't be surprised to see threads on the scenario forum pop up in a matter of weeks or even days concerning several of our "unreleased" scenarios.

I don't think there was any malicious intent with regard to the release of ROW III scenarios. It is more likely the result of a lack of communication. Nevertheless, I am cancelling my involvement with this tournament. It's not an ROW tourney if everybody and his brother have the scenarios. I have better things to do with my free time than tend to a ruined tournament.

Treeburst155 out.

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Why not continue playing if you're having fun? I just thought the problem was severe enough that participants should know that several of the scenarios are currently in the hands of many people. I'd hate to have participants discover that by reading a thread on the Scenario Forum.

The competition aspect of this event is over as far as I'm concerned. I'll not be spending any more time on it.

Treeburst155 out.

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OK. That really suxs.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

I would like to vent anger upon some pinheaded, scum sucking, commie-pinko-faggot bed wetter right now but that wouldn't be fair to Treeburst.

I'm really sorry this has happened Mike and can only say I am very grateful to you for all you've done for us. Thanks a million.

And to my opponents -- I am willing to finish any games, but I will have to fake the enthusiasm.

Roger out

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