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Need help against German armor! Part 2

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Well when it comes to the average map i think i can suffice when it comes to playing against the heavy german armor.

But now i need help on playing the germans in a steppe map!

The year is 1942 and his StuGs and Pz4's are really good. AT guns seem useless. My tank hunters dont even have RPG grenades. So i really need help.


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Hi Erik,

Go to the tips and tricks forum area and look at Soviets in the Worst of 1943.

That should give some help...there's some other tips too.

Remember you usually have numbers on your side. On an open field it is very tough. If there is any cover try racing from point to point and close in that way... you'll take losses.

Other options: smoke, make the enemy do the attacking (hide and open fire at closer range)

take advantage that if you can get to the flanks StuG's take a long time to react. PzIVs are weak in the turrent front (tough to hit at a distance). Try to get the enemy tanks to button up.

Use 57mm ATGs and 152mm KV or SUs...the key is to close the distance where your usually superior mobility and speed (especially off road) will help alot.

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If you don't mind risking a little friendly fire, nothin' beats a few Sturmovik IL-2s for messing up your opponent's 'unbeatable' German armor. This works best on the defense, when the Germans are moving and you're not.

On the minus side, planes gobble up a fair amount of your budget. If they miss their target (it has been known to happen) it's a company's worth of puchase points down the drain.

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