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Time for a dedicated BFC response thread?

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It seems to be getting quite difficult for us average punters who aren't beta testers or uber grogs to get a response from BFC regarding our well thought out - heh - queries.

No doubt the chaps are extremely busy and the proliferation of threads on the CMBB board takes a lot of effort to keep up with. However there are a number of seemingly important, well thought out, and game improving threads (eg, the tank turning, curved armour, tank MGs etc.) which keep going by without any comment.

As I suspect that the second patch could be the last, time would appear to be running out for final tweaking of CMBB. So would a single thread where all outstanding geniune issues raised by us gamers be helpful or even practical?

Possibly even a whole new bug type forum, to save those threads and peoples research disapearing amongst the more fun (and newbie!) threads which prevail on the CMBB forum.

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I think Matt had said earlier that he was (at the time) prowling the boards more than ever but he was noticing that most question were being adequately answered by the other board members before he could get to them. As a test post the question "Will you include any new vehicles in the upcoming patch?" The question will get jumped on like raw meat in a dog pound!

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Just my 2 cents on a "bug discussion" forum;

I think the impression a new person gets is negative. "Geez, they need a whole section to discuss bugs?"

There is another game firm that did that and then moved topics into it and told people do not discuss bugs in the main forum. It looked odd to me, kind of like keeping your dirty laundery under the bed or something.... I don't have a good example to compare... it just seemed off.

I think you can also e-mail from them to look at a particular thread. I've done that and gotten a response.

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