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Help with a Warsaw rising Mod

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Hi I've recently become really interested in the Warsaw rising of 1944 & have decided to make a series of scenarios based on this brutal event.

I've decided to use fanatical Partisans with extra morale (provided by +2 morale leaders) to represent the Polish Home army backed up with captured tanks, MG carriers, AT guns & flamethrowers (will all have to be soviet unfortunately).

The German SS troops who proceeded to raze the city & slaughter its citizens (the brutality was so extreme that it disrupted military operations, weakened discipline & led to the execution of an SS officer for ‘excesses’) were equipped with the most advanced weapons available at the time including massively heavy artillery & Tiger II’s.

The Polish lasted for 63 days whilst planning for 6, the Soviets who first disowned them (even calling them criminals) finally attempted to relieve the siege in a series of bloody river assaults & bridgehead battles.

The Polish eventually surrendered but with full military status.

For these scenarios though the use of the flag of the Soviet Union to represent their objectives would be disrespectful, so I thought a small mod would be appropriate.

What bmp number is used to represent this flag & what would be the easiest way to replace that flag with the red & white of Poland?

Also what about replacing the Soviet flag above the victory/morale counters?

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> The Polish eventually surrendered but with full > military status.

Are you sure? I'll have to go back and read up but I don't think their end was quite that honorable...although they definitely deserved it.

I don't think anything in World War 2 quite compares in terms of bravery in face of impossible odds.

Mila 18 by Leon Uris in case anyone is interested in a good read about this topic.

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the bmp numbers are 445 , 446 for the soviet union flags and the small ones (flags above the victory/morale counters) are 425 , 426, i have 2 russian flags due to a mod, but one or the other is right.

correct me if im wrong but cant u just simply copy the polish flags, rename them with the russian flag bmp numbers and paste them back into the bmp folder, overwriting the russian ones?

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"Are you sure? I'll have to go back and read up but I don't think their end was quite that honorable...although they definitely deserved it."

Around 12,000 Polish surrendered and the remainder of the civilian population evacuated.

This was all done under Red Cross supervision.

The Ghetto rising of 43 is often confused with the Warsaw rising of 44.

As it happens many Polish Jews fought for the Home army & Home army units liberated several ghettos & concentration camps (one of my scenarios will feature such an action).

Thanks Panther Commander about the info concerning the Sturmtigers. I’ve done a bit of research now & I believe two were sent to Warsaw; these will certainly be in a scenario or two.

Thanks a lot Kholer for the bmp numbers; you don't happen to know the bmp numbers for the Polish flags as well?

I'm hoping to make around a dozen scenarios & release them in a few months.

This is my general outline...

(1) The Rising begins: German units, surrounded & outnumbered must flee the district

(2) The Rising begins: Poor quality Polish units attempt to occupy a bridge, German units defend.

(3) The Rising begins: Veteran Polish units attack Warehouses

(4) Liberation: A captured German tank aids a Polish attack on a Concentration camp.

(5) A grave situation: A terrible pun, Ammo is going to be real low so lots of hand to hand fighting in a spooky graveyard!

(6) The Vile Cossacks: An Axis Cossack unit attempts to massacre a hospital, Home army units must defend the patients & staff.

(7) SS Storm: A heavily equipped SS convoy attempts to drive out the Poles

(8) Attrition: A very large operation lasting several days, an elite Polish unit holds out against repeated assaults & bombardments.

(9) A Soviet D-day: Massive river assault, artillery, planes, explosive stuff!

(10) Surrounded: German units defend a Vistula bridge (probably the same one from scenario 2) this time from the Soviets!

(11) Last gasp: A final futile battle

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It's a nice map Stoffel.

Making realistic looking European cities is very difficult with a map editor seemingly more suited to building American towns.

Three scenario's 'made'; play testing has been a nightmare though.

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