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Will there be more then two floors in the next CM games?

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I dont know if it would be worth the trouble to add to the engine, more stories on a building, but i think it would be cool. like to have snipers in church towers, MG's on water towers/gaurd towers, or have 20mm's on roofs. i think itd be cool but it might not be practical, plus in addition, did it happen that often. i would like the opinion of you guys, but like i said, it might not be practical, but i think it would add to a great game.

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I wonder exactly how much of a tactical difference it will make to have more than two floors. How many people will seriously end up using positions other than the top and bottom floors anyway? What advantage do you get from being in the middle? About all you could do would be to pack more people into the building, thus making it a prime target for artillery or tank fire...

It might be nice to have different height buildings, though. I can see the effect on the tactics for that. If the church towers were higher, then having only a low and high would not really make much difference. Perhaps different building heights would be more easily added to the game than multiple levels?

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A question only tangentially related to multi-storey buildings, I wonder what the battle scale is going to be in CMX2, especially considering all the bells and whistles people have been asking for (more men per squad moving more realistically, more detailed and taller buildings, more lighting effects, moving wheels on tanks!). If they grant too many requests I can't imagine being able to control anything bigger than company-size engegements... unless everybody switches to that new MAC G5 supercomputer running (shudder) OSX.

Taller buildings would be kind'a neat in modern-day city fighting (mental images of Yeltsin's T80 tanks blasting the Russian White House parliament building some years back), though I shudder at the thought of having to send men in to clear them.

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Originally posted by tar:

What advantage do you get from being in the middle?

Well, for one thing, you could evacuate the building faster, should you be in a, um, hurry?

But personally, I'd much rather see the possibility for tall heavy buildings to be placed diagonally. Probably kinda tricky, what with overlapping tiles.

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Actually, I would like to see two related issues covered by the CMX engine.

1. Multiple story buildings: not just churchs, watertanks and flak towers, but also historically important buildings like the grain elevator in Stalingrad.

2. Localised damage to buildings. Currently damage to buildings is all or nothing: once the building collapses, the whole building goes. In reality, large buildings could lose entire sections and still not collapse. A tank may shoot the steeple off a church, but the rest of the building should remain intact. It would also be possible to have fires slowly spreading from floor to floor, or even building to building.



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What will attacker do, before even starting a real advance? Shoot the church tower, for its line of sight must be shortened, else they wont be able to enclose undetected in a remotely decent way.

I say dont get all your prescious developping time in to that too much. Maybe one 3story building and maybe one a bit closer to God church.

But for looks, trying to build larger city's with none 45/90/135/180 degrees roads is already very hard, but putting a nice line of heavy buildings beside them is quit impossible. And looking at maps i almost allways only see slanting roads.

AND buildings in all possible directions.

('This is not..Amerika!.Oooh!!!.sjalalalala)

and what i would like, is a way to not let the computer do its height-corrections.

Its probably needed for auto map building, in quickbattle. (I never use it, but eeh; thats me...) But when i build maps i would like to do my own elevations.

And maybe the possibility to do higher drops at one, lets say a slope of 6 makes for a straight elevation upward, so its a wall of, stone perhaps, and i would like to be able to put those right beside a building, with underneath also a building, if i want.

Because those landscape features are around, but not in CM''.

(Put a building on that, and it would be high...)

And what about a sand tile? I mean not replacing any tiles but one whole NEW tile...yep NEW, for a sandy surface?....and what about.........two buildings on one tile, 3 buildings on.......................................higher walls......................akkres of plowed ground (NEW tile!!).............................and...........2 new hardened roads; one small, and one more wide like the one we have now ....................................hedges, walls and fence tiles just like for roads, so they can be fitted together in more ways.....................and paved roads to do just that................................a motorcicle, and for my jeep/kubelwagen to have the top on, ore not...................................if chosen in parameters: the weather to be changing during battle?:'whoops, now it has started to rain'....................................a one off tile with a big board on it saying; Theike is a fool...and also tongue.gif

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