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Jerking/slow play

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I am a new CMBB owner and am loving the game as I did CMBO.

I am having a huge problem with operation "To The Volga". Screen scrolling is jerky and slow and when I select a unit and an order, there is a lag between the time I click a destination and when the waypoint appears. This has been up to 20 seconds to move several units. Playing as the Germans I persevered and finished setting up and hit Go. The Computer Player Thinking bar then took up to 30 minutes to complete! The dark blue bar displayed behind the operation bar is taking 10-15 minutes every turn and once the fighting actually starts it is also jerky and slow, making it hard to move across the battlefield. I have removed the third squad member, the building roofs and unit bases. As it is, this operation is unplayable.

Now I know there are some serious numbers being crunched but this does not happen to the same extent in other operations and battles.

My system is a Dell Dimension 2350 Pentium 4 2.4Gig with 512 Meg RAM and Intel Integrated Graphics (not the ideal card but works very well with even the most demanding shooters and other games), Windows XP Home and Direct X 9.

My PC far exceeds the system requirements so I am feeling a little frustrated.

Guys, are there any other steps I can take to get me on the way to the Volga??



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from what i've heard that scenario is the worst one to play WRT cycles used.

try removing the trees (shift T until it says 'no trees') i find this gives the biggest performance improvement. use low res mods for grass etc if you really want just for this op. and you know you want to treat yourself to that big graphics card don't you.

i can't remember who but this is someones sig:

HAL9000: do you want to play a game Dave?

Dave: OK Hal. how about 'To the Volga'

HAL9000: you win Dave. just switch me off.

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I think that operation is more of a proof of concept than anything else. smile.gif

I heard of a couple of players completing it and saying it was a blast but I don't think most of us on here can complete it (although I'm tempted to try it again on my new rig).

An alternative would be to go to Boots And Tracks

http://3dwargamer.net/bootsandtracks/ and get something called the Stalingrad Pack. There's some good smaller Stalingrad scenarios and operations in there.

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I am playing it versus another human. On battle 3.

Its.. like no other battle out there. Unreal.

Things really speed up by battle 3, as the losses are so horrendous.

At first it to 20 minutes to generate a movies, but now its down to about 2. ( P4 1.4gHz, 756k Memory)

If you are playing verus the AI, set AI to Allied, and "Computer PLayer: free to place units", or you will be really bummed.

As for moving units, selecting and moving 1 at a time is faster than group moving.

I made an experimental version of this scenario by removing ALL the shell holes. That really sped things up in all repsects.

I have it arround still if u'd like.

Email smope AT ponyshow.com for it

(Changes strategy quite bit, but hey..)

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Agreed that To the Volga will make even the most powerful systems strain.

However, To get maximum performance you should also check your graphics card drivers. It is important that you download any driver updates from Dell, rather than from WindowsUpdate, or NVida or wherever. For some Dell models, The Dell graphics card drivers are slightly different and while the standard ones will work there will be substantially reduced performance, especially in 3D applications.

I discovered this problem with my Dell, which has a GeForce 440 Go. I don't know if it affects Dells with the Integrated Intel Graphics Driver, but it's worth checking.



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Impudent Warwick, i suspect replacing the bitmap with a transparent one will not help. the PC would still have to render the image, it just wouldn't be seen.

i suspect they give such a performance hit because they are dynamic and they have to be done in another pass over the map, which assignes their cover value etc. therefore they would still be there as cover.

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