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RobO's Quick Campaign for CMBB v2.20 released

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Edit 31.12.2004: Version 2.22. is out. Look below.

There are a number of changes, summing up to a total effect that had me wondering if this should have been 3.0 instead of 2.2.

I highly recommend an update if you're using ROQC.

Get it at http://www.roqc.cdgroup.org/

Here's the change list:

Snipers added as separate unit category (SN, see 5.3.1) with separate experience rules so that they have a better chance of gaining experience.

Returning casualties modified to take into account the number of flags you hold at the end of the battle.

The ability to use Favor to modify the battle size has been changed into an ability to use Favor to get more support (which you buy in the editor, so it is on top of the QB purchase).

Enemy Force Handicap increased for Meeting Engagements at Normal difficulty and above.

Tree Coverage, Hills and Damage modifiers increased for Raids to give a higher chance of terrain with cover.

Favor calculation for Raids changed to start with negative Favor, which is then offset by accomplishing the mission.

You now get a small number of replacements as a minimum after each battle.

The ability to use pre-made maps has been added, through usage of Pyewackets map conversion tool. A list of maps has been added for easy comparison with the map settings of the current battle, and all these maps are available for download from the ROQC site.

Reduced the chance of an Axis armored force mix in the Finnish region.

You are now required to edit the ammo setting of exploiting units down to 20%.

Options to disable Raid and Retreat battles added.

You can now issue a few commendations to those units that performed exceptionally well in your opinion, providing them with some extra experience points at the cost of a few favor points.

Experience gained from casualties/captured adjusted a bit.

Medal requirements increased ca. 10% to compensate for the two experience additions.

[ December 31, 2004, 03:07 AM: Message edited by: Robert Olesen ]

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You need to fit them to a page in the best format - portrait for the battle sheet, landscape for the others (I think).

Microsoft photo editor is in fact my gavourite for easy graphics printing, but you probably don't have that. Irfanview is free and can do it, but it isn't too good on printing. Don't know Print Shop Pro. I'm sure there are others - Windows Paint may even do it if it can load jpeg.

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As a consequence of a suggestion by DzrtFox I will implement the following in the rules:

Note: A very low ammunition level increases the likelihood that Combat Mission will force an automatic ceasefire. To reduce the risk of a premature automatic ceasefire the sum of your ammunition percentage and the enemy ammunition percentage must be at least 100%. If the sum falls below 100%, increase both in steps of 10% until the sum is 100%. For example, if you roll up 60% and the enemy 20% the adjusted result would be 70% and 30%.
Feel free to implement this manually until I get a fix out. And also feel free to tell me if you find a limit of 100% appropriate, or if it should be higher.
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Originally posted by SgtCheese:

Hi Rob,

Is this usable in Open Office?

No, not really. Open Office uses Java(Script?) and MS Office uses Visual Basic. You can open the spreadsheet in Open Office, but the macros won't work.

This really should have been programmed in a separate utility, portable btw. Mac and Windows, but it just didn't work out that way.

I guess you could use Open Office and do the math yourself. Probably works better than the pen and paper version.

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Version 2.22 is now on the street.

I recommend an update if you're using ROQC for CMBB.

Here's the changelist:

Force factor for assault corrected to 1.72 from 1.7 (see 4.3.2).

Very low ammunition loads adjusted upwards to decrease the risk of a premature automatic ceasefire, see 4.3.9.

Error corrections in spreadsheet:

- Cell K59 of the Tables1 sheet should contain the value -1, not –2.

- Autoceasefire tickbox for Raid battles in Favor sheet caused a cell protection error.

- Commendation values are now cleared from the Core Force sheet when the next battle is generated.

- Map sheet did not properly recognize ME battles when comparing maps with the battle parameters.

- History sheet opinion of superior commander (column BP) corrected slightly in cases of negative Favor.

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Originally posted by Ardem:

hey mate,

How do you incorporate this into a existing spreadsheet.

If I copy across the coresheet and the history sheet in value form would this do it?

Basically, yes. But I guess you've already figured that out.

You need to transfer all the values you entered yourself (in white cells) and all die rolls (orange cells) - note that some of these are in the core force sheet at the right.

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RobO, again congrats on a continued job well done! I am reading through all the extensive homework your provided us with (a.k.a. the rules) and I am very eager to start my first battle.

On problem however; when I try to press the Die-macro buttons in Word, it gives me an error telling me that either the macro is not found or due to security reasons it could not be activated. When I press help it tells me that I probably choose not to activate the macro when I opened the document, but I never got a question asking me!

Do you know what's wrong?

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Yskonyn, you need to change the macro security settings in MS Word (and Excel if you have that). It should be somewhere in the Tools > Macros menu. The location can vary with the version of Word.

There are three settings:

- High will automatically disable most macros

- Medium will ask you if you want macros enabled

- Low will automatically enable macros.

You probably have the High setting and most likely want to use the Medium. It's the same in Excel but I'm not sure if it shares the settign with Word.

I checked the die rolls in the rules for v2.22. They work for me.

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