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ammo load

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I am curious, some groups like SMG squads only have 20-30 for ammunition levels whereas some units have upwards 79-80 (e.g. rifle squads). I know in terms of out put the SMG's probably throw up more bullets into the air and the more rounded units (e.g. mix of rifle, SMG, MG etc.) throw up less but for longer and then the rifle squads do the longest. The thing is I wonder if this somehow models the physical number of bullets a person could carry - e.g. do the number of bullets in the SMG clips rival the number in the rifleman's load (both at full load).


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No, there are more SMG bullets. Each is a lighter object, even counting their mags. The typical load for an SMG gunner was 7 mags, a bit over 200 bullets for most mag sizes. The typical load for a rifleman was anywhere from 60 to 100 rounds. That left some weight and room to carry extra items, which most riflemen did - heavy weapons or their components, ammo for the MG, AT weapons, etc.

A typical SMG heavy unit get 25 squad-shots each 36-50 fp at close range or 9-10 at 100m. A rifle gets 1/6 to 1/8 the fp in close and 1/2 the fp at 100, plus 3 fp at 250m if it fires that far. And it gets 2 to 2.5 times the number of squad shots (many 50, some 62).

That means the sustained fp from the rifle is about the same - and per bullet accuracy higher - at 100m. But it is much lower for the rifle at 40m - about 3 times lower, even over its whole load. At close range, the sustained fp about tracks the absolute number of bullets. At 100m, a 3-round burst of pistol ammo from SMGs or a single full power rifle bullet are about equally effective.

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I don't see it. The Russian SMG squads get 25 shots apiece each a maximum of 50 fp per man at point blank only. They rounds are 7.62x25, pistol ammo, a type based on the German Mauser 30 cal. It is a very light bullet with a high muzzle velocity to get energy, rather than mass. They carried 35 round stick mags or 70 round drum mags.

As for LMG and rifle types, all the riflemen are feeding the LMG as well as carrying their own. Some squad types have no LMG, and get most shots, around 60. They don't get an LMG added to their firepower, either. Types with an LMG get mid 40s or so.

The German LMG is higher fp from faster ROF, and reduces the shots per squad in consequence. That is really only noticable with the 2 LMG squad types, though. Those get a reduced ~35 ammo because keeping 2 belt fed MGs cooking takes most of the ammo carrying capacity of the squad.

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