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late question about Russian Training 201

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I know this is a year or so late, but I've been away from CMBB for a while and just got back into it.

In 201, I noticed that Jason's default setup had a couple of the platoon HQ's overseeing some support troops (mortars, MGs, arty, and such) as well as a couple rifle squads. I'm assuming these support functions will stay put for the entire battle. So what are the rifle squads and platoon HQ supposed to do? Do they stay put or do they head out to get into the battle? If they head out, the support troops will have no leader, which makes me think they should be spread out more. Why bunch them together to stay in communication range if the HQ is going to leave anyway? Do they need a leader around? Why not have the platoon HQs stick with their original rifle platoon instead of shuffling them around? Any thoughts?

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This is a company sized attack so you have a company HQ which has a longer command range, usually better attributes, etc. So the main column has the company commander and the two flanking support columns have the spare platoon commanders. The artillery spotters for the 122mm stay put at the back of the map and fire on move 1 with planned fire delayed by the 'Q' button until the move you want it. The rest of the flanking columns MAY need to move forward so that they can get LOS on the enemy positions and engage. The rifle sections can be split to provide some scouts and can ensure that these valuable assets do not get pinned down by enemy fire before they are in position. They can also recon the enemy flank positions to confuse the enemy and to discover his strength. You need to use the platoon HQs with the flank columns so that the mortars remain in cover but can still fire. I think that this is a more important job than providing command radius for the scouts.

PS this is the hardest of the 200 series so you may do better to start with 202 or 203 first.

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