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CMBB Distilled--Russians (orientation for recent arrivals)

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The GPW (short form)


Penal battalion in action (leading the way with MGs behind to "prod" the slow and unwilling)


The Russian monster war movie Barbarossa (translated) Kursk segment clip


MOUT (Battle of Berlin clips)

Link to full-blown Russian Battle of Berlin documentary


These should provide some sense of what is was like on the underfilmed side!

Bonus: Both sides, to include captured German armor

Both sides (classic Russian war photography plus rare 57mm SU in combat)


And did I mention this? They're really, really angry!

Now that you've got some visual context, let me commend to you a slim volume by Albert Axell called RUSSIA'S HEROES 1941-1945. This book helps bring the Great Patriotic War to life by not only describing the broad thrust of events, providing great maps and photos, but by showing you what even a single person could do that ultimately affected the outcome.

As history it's imperfect, but for understanding the flavor and dynamics of a CMBB battlefield, it's tough to beat.




John Kettler

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