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CM Movie Player Q

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  • 5 weeks later...

i gave it a quick try. played a little PBEM against myself just to have the files.

the prog accepts every executable so i just designated the CMBB exe.

unfortunately i didnt seperate the video files from the other files(and i cant remember wich of them are video) and the checkboxes where i could notify the programm that all PBEM files of that battle are in this directory, arent working.

whis this setup, the game hang up after i hit the "go" with than, stoped up "shift" button to supress the video like the readme says.

meybe it just works when there are exclusively video files in the designated directory. or it doesnt work at all with CMBB...

someone here know the "creator" of this prog, and if hes still around here(if he was ever registered here)??


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The CMBO Movie player didn't play them as one big movie, it just played all the movies from one game one after the other. You did not need to stop and load each movie individually and type in the password. You just needed to click the mouse in a corner of the screen to load the next movie in sequence.

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thats no problem if i have to klick to watch the next move. the fact is that i CAN watch all movies in a row just by clicking somewhere on the screen. its perfectly fine.

@Bonxa or someone who knows!

PBEM helper has this functionality, check it out.
i googled for PBEM helper but it gave me many results for PBEM helpers for many games...is it all the same?

iam a bit confused, can someone point me to this "pbem helper" wich works with CM please!?


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hehe, in fact i was allready a bit puzzled on how this thing exactly works, but i thought i will get it by myself smile.gif

its so, i just need PBEM helper to play me all movie files after i played "selected" battles with a friend of mine over PBEM. normaly i play only TCP/IP but since i cant get the video files this way i "have to" play PBEM also if we could play TCP becouse we sit in the same room(when we play) smile.gif

so PBEM is unfortunately needed sice we both like TCP/IP much more(we often got time for it).

however, now i got a way to watch the movie files and play them after the battle. verry nice!

thanks guys!


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