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BMP list?

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If possible could you send me a copy as well?

Does anyone know where the complete listing of BMP's and WAV files are kept for both games. They should be on the web somewhere, or does battlefront not give them out normally. I have checked the CMMOS lists out and they do not seem to be complete for both games, is this correct?

These lists would be a great help for mixing different mods, especially terrain and sound mods.

Thanks Markl

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Yes it would be great. The list I have isn't everything but it sure seems like it. The person I got it from whom I won't mention did say that he thought it was missing some tanks or vehicles but not sure which or what. I myself have not gone in to see which ones yet being too busy d/l mods to get my game up to par. But yes it would be great to have it posted some place. Don't look at me I wouldn't know the first thing about it. redface.gif;)

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Awh, having a full vehicle bmp list would be 'cheating'!

Half the challenge of doing those SuG mods was simply finding the darned bmps! It's like going on a treasure-hunt. You go looking for vehicle A, then stumble across bmps for vehicle B instead that look like they'd be LOTS more fun to play with. Trust me on this! :D;)

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Thanks for the file Lee.

It looks like the CMMOS file, and it is incomplete. I don't see any of the interface bmps listed, for example, other than the flags. I still don't know what

305 and 306 do, for example, or what any of the "numbered chit" bmps do, if anything.

It does list the vehicles, terrain and uniforms if that is all you want.

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