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Rules for flags

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It is not clear to me what the rules are about when a flag becomes a question mark, enemy or friendly flag. In simple situations friendly forces around a flag logically turn it to a friendly flag but when it is contested it seems arbitrary and not completely related to force size and proximity. :confused:

Also, is there any way to be near a flag and not have it give your proximity away by turning friendly? It would be nice to setup ambushes near flags but when it turns friendly that rather gives away the fact that you are occupying the area.


RNL Tiger

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Apparently flags aren't just magnets for AI opponents.

One of the nice things about playing with Extreme Fog of War is that you should never assume that the status of a flag as portrayed is correct. You will often encounter situations where flags are listed as being under ambiguous control, but where a bit of thought will show that they are really controlled by the enemy. Also, remember that not all units are created equal for flag control purposes. If you have a truck crew sitting next to a flag, and he has an infantry squad with full ammo thirty yards away from it, you'll be lucky if the flag shows up as contested. Things are not really what they seem until the scenario is over -- that's the game's way of telling you that you should concentrate on winning the battle, and if you happen to control the flags when the shooting stops, so much the better.

I'm a bit disturbed by the fact that you mention question marks. You really should go to CMMODS and look for my Little Semiotics mod. You'll never have a question mark on the battlefield again...

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