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Originally posted by dieseltaylor:

"Whatever some people say, in MOST cases (terrain, date, etc) the russians will have the upper hand in a QB."

What NO one ever does is talk about the size of battle, size of battlefield, and terrain. These three things are the vital parts of force selection and tactics.

The problem is, that with all the different variables that exists, there are almost an endless number of possibilities. As it is not possible to discuss all these combinations we can put qualifiers in our statement. So, as I said, in MOST cases, the ruskies will have an advantage ;)
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Originally posted by JasonC:

If one of the T-34 platoons is green. And none of them have radios. (if you want the late model with radios you will have only equal numbers to the Germans). Oh and the Germans have a 4th platoon and a heavy weapons platoon with 4 HMG and 2 mortars, not Pz IIs. The infantry manpower is equal. Germans have 4 HMGs and 24 LMGs from 12 panzer rifle squads. If the Russians get to 60m sure they are strong, if they are out at 150m they aren't.

I'd always prefer smg squads. PzGren just don't have enough ammo to keep the firefight up from a smg-safe distance. Besides, they're much more expensive.
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