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**MikeyD finally tackles PANTHER Tracks!**

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Something Panther-related:

- Panther Track Pack, early and late types.

At our favorite site:


I've been working up the nerve to do this mod for a long time.

Your choice of two versions of Panther track: The initial Kgs 64/660/150 track type and later cleated track Kgs 64/660/160. In plain, muddy, and snowy types.

The snowy cleaded tracks even include ice sprags to help you with bogging! ;)

You may have to dig to find 'em, but all the CM track sets have been modded. Yeh I know, someone still wants a KT track set for CMBB.

Here's the screenshot:


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About the Panthers themselves.

I have collected the relevant Panther 'default art' out of the BMP folder. I've been looking them over while shaking my head, saying "Oh lordy lordy!" I don't think I've quite worked up the nerve to tackle 'em yet. But I have dipped my toe into the pool to test the water ;)

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Thanks Mike, for those new paws for that big cat.

Would sure look forward to new high detailed Panther artwork, I hope ya will post plain gelb version for those as well, if or when it happens.

I was playing around a little while ago trying to make skins from tech drawings, but I couldn't for the life of me make believable enough looking textures for the Bmp's.

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