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5 star generals in US army

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Marshall, MacArthur and Eisenhower during the war. There was also one air corps officer, but just now his name escapes me -- he became a General of the Air Force after the USAF was founded after the war.

One four-star officer, IIRC Bradley, was promoted to the rank in the 1950's.

After the WWI Pershing became a 'General of the Armies of the United States' -- note the plural. This was a special rank, and he never wore more than four stars, even if the rank is considered senior to General of the Army.

A number of senior Union officers were promoted to the rank of General of the Army after the Civil War. But it's hard to say whether it could be considered equal to the WWII-era rank of the same name -- the four-star rank of full general didn't exist in the Union Army during the Civil War.

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There were actually 5 Generals that achieved the rank of "General of the Army" (5 star). They were:

General George C. Marshall

General Douglas MacArthur

General Dwight D. Eisenhower

General Henry H. Arnold

General Omar N. Bradley

However, of these only 4 were army men. General Arnold was given his 5th star when the U.S. Airforce was still part of the army, and known as the U.S. army aircorp. I believe it was 1949 when the two branches officially split, making Arnold the only Airforce man ever to hold that rank.

Of the navy:

Admiral William D. Leahy

Admiral Ernest J. King

Admiral Chester Nimitz

Admiral William F. Halsey

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