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A couple of suggestions on converting CMBO scenarios to CMAK

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This is just some friendly advice for those interested in converting CMBO scenarios to CMAK, and would like to keep the conversion as close to the orginal as possible.

First, keep in mind that unlike CMBO, CMAK imposes a delay on all movement, and the longer/more compex the plot the longer the delay.

Why is this important? Because in CMBO it was common for scenarios to have reinforcements arrive in the same location and within a turn or two of a unit already on the map. This wasn't normally a problem since most delays in CMBO were 15/30 seconds, allowing plenty of time for the first batch to clear the area before the reinforcments arrive. Not so in CMAK, where the delays can extend into the second and third turn before the units begin moving. The result is the mother of all traffic jams.

Take a moment and check the arrival times of the CMBO reinforcments, and adjust the CMAK times accordingly. Another option is to set the reinforcement marker in a new location, far enough away to avoid the traffic jams, but close enough so that the conversion remains true to the original.

Secondly, CMAK allows prep bombardments, which come in accurately and with no delay. This poses a problem with conversions, since these scenarios have been played countless times before and the opposing side's setup zones are well known.

There are two solutions which I have used in the past. The first is to increase the setup zones, thereby allowing the player mulitple options on where to actually deploy. This usually does the trick since no player is going to risk wasting his arty on what might be an empty field (remember that prep bombardments cannot be cancelled or retargeted once it begins). This also increases the scenarios replayability, a nice bonus.

The other option is to bring in any arty units as reinforcements, thereby negating the prep bombardments.

Now, having said all this, I would add that if you are converting someone else's CMBO scenarios (as I have done many times) then you should obtain permission from the original designer first to convert his work, and secondly to make any changes.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, you'll see... :D

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