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Question about Mods, and some other stuff...

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Hey guys,

Ok I have some questions I cant seem to find the answers to. So here goes.

1. I have played CMBO and just now got the new CMAK and CMBB bundle. I downloaded and installed tons of mods (.bmp and .wav). for CMBO. I do not like to use the CMMOS utility, it is too time consuming. I spent about 20 hrs or so customizing each uniform, portrait, tile, sound etc. to my preference for CMBO. I would rather have everything just like I want it and not change it than to run a damn program before I can use anything. So for my question. CMBO was extremely easy to find the mods I wanted, but for CMBB every file that I can find is a CMMOS file. I dont want that. I want the actual files without having to rename them all, which I could do with CMMOS, but it was even more time consuming. Where can I find seperate .BMP and .Wav files? Any websites out there?

2. Second question, now that I have all 3 games, when I want to play PBEM games, I dont want to have to switch CD's each time I play. Is there anything I can do, to not have to switch CD's? A CD Crack or something?

Thanks in advance. smile.gif

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I felt like you regarding CMMOS but once I worked out how to use it I think it is great, you can change uniforms/vehicles to suit each scenario or leave them as is for good !

Have you used it ? It is quicker than changing the various bitmap file names like I used to do.

I'm only new but I think you would be happier using CMMOS particularly since there are so many more mods for CMBB.

Anyway each to their own.

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