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Moving across Daisy Chain mines

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I did a little testing for a PBEM game.

I wanted to check the possibilities for detonating Daisy chain mines, so 20 volunteers were selected for the following setup:


Ten were given FAST, the other 10 were given MOVE across 5 layers of Daisy Chain.

The results:


~80% with FAST were hit, ~100% with HUNT were hit, but only ~20% with MOVE were hit.

I retried the setup with hidden 'real' AT-mines:


I this case all tanks were hit regardless of orders.


(Another strange thing is, that mines seems to count as casulties even after my 'surrender', the 1200 points are exactly the price for 100 ATmines)

I wont test this any deeper, but is SEEMS, that if forces to cross Daisy Chains you have a quite good change with the MOVE command.

(The tests were made in CMBB.)

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That is amazing. I must show this to my fellow CM colleagues.

It's interesting how a single test like this makes a proof that can seriously save your ass in combat. I think I'd rather take the 4% (20/5?) chance than waste turns trying to disable the mines. It's still a gamble but the odds aren't bad...

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Originally posted by Aco4bn187inf:

Perhaps in real life daisy chain mines are mainly expected to slow, rather than deny, the movement of vehicles?

Actually, real life DC mines are nothing like what is in the game. For one thing they aren't so easily visible from several hundred meters away. The real life DC mine was a block about the size and shape of a brick, and painted to blend in with the terrain.

Sometimes they were placed in static positions on a road, either buried or foliage placed on top, or in a cut through Bocage. However, the most common method was to string a group of DC mines in a chain (hence the name) and hide them on one side of a road, with the rope strung across and held by a soldier hiding on the other side. When a vehicle drives up the soldier pulls the rope and spreads the DC across the road, forcing the vehicle to drive over it.

This means that DC mines were easily deployed, sometime within minutes ahead of an enemy vehicle column. Back in the days of CMBO I lobbied for having the ability to place DC mines while in the game, and not just at setup, and to have them be invisible to the opposing player until the first vehicle set one off.

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And how I wish they'd listened, for the pulling the mines into the blind spot of the oncoming tank simply isn't modeled, and that's what made DC mines so dangerous. The Hawkens mine was a track breaker

(okay, semi track breaker on anything large), but the German version of the DC was made of a string of Teller mines on a long plank. Nasty!


John Kettler

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Originally posted by JasonC:

Is the TC scanning the horizon for enemy tanks to help the gunner, or the ground 20 feet in front of the tank to help the driver? He can't do both at once.

Not only that but Hunt is considerably more fast that "Move". I doubt they are using finesse in moving the tank, just trudging forward. It makes sense from a tactical standpoint.

It's sorta like "sneaking" a tank across mines, except they have to use Move command instead.

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