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Fallschirmjaeger Bug?

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What's even weirder is that the "Aufklarung" platoon has different Pioneer squads ("German Airborne Fallschirmjäger Pioneer 44 Squad" x4, of 10 men each), compared to the actual Pioneer platoon ("German Airborne Pioneer 44A Squad" x3, of 9 men each, + 2 FT's). This seems to happen on into May 1945, BTW. (Oddly enough though, if you choose June 1943, all that's available for FJ infantry is Pioneer units!)

Is a bit off, I agree. But look at it this way: You've got a heavy scout platoon --- equiped with satchel charges --- that has the added bonus ability of clearing mine-fields, without the drag in points those FT's cost.

What I want to know is, what's an "Airborne Fallschirmjäger"?

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