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LOS Tool?

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Originally posted by Der Kunstler:

It would be cool if there was a "move to LOS" command where you stop at the point where you can see a selected area.

Free Your mind, use team work smile.gif Send sniper, HS, section HQ to check LOS from area You're interested in. He will recognize the positions for "main force" (King Tiger, SturmTiger, or better both of them) ;)
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Originally posted by MikeyD:

BFC has explained that a LOS tool would be too gamey. If in real life you don't know if you'd have good LOS from that far hill, in the game you shouldn't have that ability either.

IRL you could tell a unit to proceed until you can "see" that area/point and set up a cover arc.

If you think the enemy is going to come out of that tree line it would be nice to send a unit(s) to a position where they can see that tree line while minimizing their exposure.

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Originally posted by BulletRat:

Geez people, what do we want - the game to play itself?!

I guess you could zoom down to eye level and see what you can see, but is that gamey? A field commander IRL would not be able to do that.

This is a computer interface and if I could select LOS from this point to that, It would cut down on "look from here can I see that" "Oh that hill is a little higher than it appears from this angle"

I would be a tool not an automation.

by the way a field commander would have a map and in WWII I think topographical(?) maps were avail

In reality to avoid being gamey the first person veiw is all we should be able to use and have access to a map version of the actual terrain,

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A LOS tool would be too easy.

If I am concerned about a certain spot, I sneak a unit into that area and try to find the best view. I do this for the placement of a FO. They are usually too slow to futz around with on their own. Or too valuable to get their heads shot off if poorly placed. I will also do this for tanks in order not to expose them unnecessarily.

Another tactic is to plot your move to that area then use the "orientation" (or is it "rotation"?) command to see a general LOS you will have. This can point out any trees or building that will be in the way and you can adjust you final move command accordingly.

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