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**TOTAL REDO StuG F Series for CMBB!!!**

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Because CMBB really REALLY needed these mods:

StuG IIIF series:

- StuG F (texture for early/late vehicles) Grey version

- StuG F (texture for early/late vehicles) Yellow version

- StuG F/8 Grey version

- StuG F/8 Yellow version

Get 'em at our favorite site:


These are TOTAL REDO mods numbered for CMBB only (CMAK's already got their own). The difference between these and the default textures is like night and day. Redrawn accurate engine decks and rears, new tools and tow cables, spare track links, convincing textures and shading, etc. etc.

CMBB gets their own Panzer grey Stug Fs. I'm especially pleased with how they turned out.

Here's the screenshots linked to the CMMODS site:

StuG F Grey version:


StuG F Yellow version:


StuG F/8 Grey version:


StuG F/8 Yellow Version:


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All praise to the CM vehicle polygons!

As hard as you want to push for an accurate mod, the polygons are usually up to the challenge. I hadn't really noticed the StuG Fs before starting these mods, but the polygons really are objects of beauty.

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Been there, done that.


In CMMODS.COM, under either CMBB or CMAK, designer name MikeyD: Every StuG G and StuH42 version you could hope for.

Frankly, i prefer the more recent CMAK mods (though for CMBB you'd have to double check the bmp numbers against the true CMBB mods just to be safe).

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