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"Tiger Tiger "

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That scenario's a historical representation of the Russians first encountering the Tiger in combat, so you definitely should expect to get your head handed to you.

The best I've been able to do is keep the German side off-balance by shooting-and scooting from unexpected directions (involves a lot of driving around the map edged) but I just delay the inevitable.

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Yes, I've had luck playing the game as the Russians, against the AI anyway (against human it *should* be hopeless) - though the Tigers are amazing at that date, in numbers, and supported as they are.

You have to peel away the PzIII escorts, and you have to mess up the infantry. Do not waste your early firepower on the Tigers - you aren't going to get them with all of that stuff around to help protect them. Even later on, think 3 times before going for them and ask if you must KO them right now or lose; you probably don't have to.

Set infantry ambushes at the road chokepoints, and the routes immediately around them. Don't leave cover to charge a tank; use 25m covered arcs and hide. Back sides of blocks of woods are a better ambush zone than in front of them, because his "overwatch" is very strong. You want positions that can just see the open to shoot up infantry if necessary, but able to break LOS to tanks immediately by withdrawing a few meters.

Then do not hand him your tanks. Stay behind the blocks of woods, or peek around hills. Get LOS to infantry or 1-2 IIIs, not to the main body.

The low quality of the Russian tanks makes complicated moves difficult in delay terms. You have to move by platoons and keep it simple, in terms of number of waypoints. The early T-34s (1941) have no radios, so they lose command line of buttoning, and their turret is vunerable even to the Pz IIIs. Do not be overly ambitious with them, particularly early on.

You want to take out IIIs with flanking forces, or picked off at the edges of the main body - not challenge the main body before help arrives.

I made an AT nest on the hill to the right front of the church-objective area, near the start line, facing left front and left straight across the board. Those 45s need flank shots against the IIIs. You might think point blank is best, but while it gives a penetration if you have a side, they face you, find you, and kill you easily. Better to fire at flanks from 400 yards, then hide the following turn. You will still be doing well if the ATGs get you 2-3 IIIs and hold him up for 5 minutes.

The low ridge to your right front is very useful for larger flanking moves by your tanks. The dead ground behind the farthest-forward woods on your the left front corner of your set up area is also a good spot. When they make it to the ridge ahead of those woods, they will tend to veer left for the center hill and objective area. You can come around those woods (which you should have infantry in) and hit them from behind.

On the tank match ups, you get some 42 model T34s reasonably quickly. They are much better against the IIIs than the 41 model (thicker turret). You can be more ambitious with them, but again the main adage is not to hand him your tanks. Make him advance to get LOS to you. That makes him pass the infantry, and opens flanking moves. When a T34 platoon is in danger of LOS from the main body frontally, ske-daddle.

You get a pair of beasties later than can KO a Tiger, provided you find a side. With so many tanks and with numerous 34s to play distraction with, that is feasible. But you want the IIIs heavily trimmed before using them.

Be patient. Time is on your side, not his. He has to come the whole way, over damp ground, with 34s waiting behind every bit of cover. He should be getting weaker, you only weaken if you keep feeding him your tanks piecemeal. You do not have to KO the Tigers to stop the overall attack. One will bog somewhere or get gun damage, another your specialized beasties will bag. If the rest of his force is ruined, you'll stop him.

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