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Grenade Bundle

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Make sure they are within 40m. 30m if possible. (Throwing range.)

Or hide them with a covered arc, covering the road/path of the passing tank. When the tank enters the covered arc, they'll pop up, hopefully with determination. smile.gif

Also, it doesn't hurt to actually TARGET the tank with your squad . . . might nudge them along . . .

It helps if they are under command of a PL with a combat bonus (of course). Amd a morale bonus (duh). And a stealth bonus. (no!?) :D



P.S. But yeah, mostly luck. If the tank is zipping by, they most likely won't throw the bundle. It helps if the tank is stationary, or stops.

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Guest ExplodingMonkey

Me neither, mine use bundels pretty often. I've even had a whole platoon throw one from each squad at a T34 and scare the crew out of it with all the big booms.

I hate how my men though will use their 'fausts against soft targets like it ain't no thang, but will hold off using them against armor.

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I've just had this situation happen:

Tank Hunter team hidden in nice ambush position along road, same area also covered by AT gun. Two tanks enter the ambush zone (cover armor arcs) and both get knocked out by the gun. Crews exit and run for cover. Third tank is out of LOS of the gun, due to dropped smoke by a knocekd out tank, but is only 30 m from my Tank Hunters (still hidden and not noticed by my opponent since they havent opened fire).

I unhide and target the remaining tank with my hunter team, it is already inside their arc, but I thought I'd help 'em along.

So what does the Tank hunter team do the next round? Does it chuck it's nice, big grenade bundle or mine at the tank?

No, it decides to open up on the surviving tank crew 40 meters away (further away than the tank) and throws both grenade bundles at them!


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I will try to dig up a screenshot later, but one thing that I could have triggered the tank hunters to fire on the crew, is that the crew may have opened fire on them first.

Would that make them more likely to return fire, even though they did have a cover armor arc?

Still, crew handguns from 40 meters can hardly be more threatening than a sherman. 30 m's away?!?

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What I've found is a very effective way of using tank hunter teams is crawling them towards the tank from out of range.

They will not fire at anything else and will start tossing their nasty stuff at the tank as soon as they get in range (so no fiddling about with the LOS tool or covered arcs to find the range).

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