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Firepower values and the effect.

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Having played CM for a few years now I am still not sure how the combat mechanics operate.

I know that the more firepower directed at a squad the greater the chance of casualties but how does cover and exposure effect the firepower value? Negativley I am guessing.

So, 100FP directed at a 10 man squad in scattered trees. Exposure is 30%, for arguments sake. This means that 3 men are vulnerable? I would expect one casualty per 1 point of expended ammo if each point was doing 100FP.

I read on the forums that 1FP is equal to 1% chance of a casualty, does this still stand?

Does exposure take away from the firepower value?

Does the experience levels of the shooters and the targets effect the outcomes? i.e Veterans shooting at Conscripts do more casualties? From my experience playing I think it does in the form of added FP for experience levels.

Can anyone clarify on how the actual combat mechanics work as I am really unsure.


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I think I was the one who came up with the 1 FP = 1% chance to disable a man.

Keep in mind that this is (of course) after the cover has been subtracted from the firepower, and that it is applied per man in the target. Plus there is always some area fire effect which makes other units not direct affected take a risk, too.

Also keep in mind the displayed firepower is not completely computed, for example there is the combat HQ bonus which shows up in the display only under specific circumstances.

Combat+ HQs cause more firepower, not sure about experience.

Facing plays a role, squads are more vulnerable from the back (and sides?).

HE seems to work the same way, blast effect values equal firepower values and get weaker with range from the explosion.

So, 100 FP at 10 men in 30% exposure means 0.3% chance to disable for each man in the target group. That means 2.96% chance to disable one or more men in the target squad. If you fire 4 times in one turn you have a 11% chance to have disabled one or more men.


However, the whole thing is pretty useless as there are more obscure factors.

For example, if you open fire from a SMG platoon at 40 meters on a squad standing or walking in the open on pavement you almost never cause casualties.

The moment they go to ground they are much more vulnerable and casualties quickly mount.

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I done some tests tonight with CM after reading up on the German MG34 and MG42. In my copy of the history of WW2 it states that these weapons could at approx 100m wipe out almost a full section with it's first burst. Maybe not in those exact words but similiar text. It did not state the condition of the enemy section, I am gathering they would be advancing to contact?

I tested this out and got a couple of casualties, repeated a few times against various infantry squads with a light MG34 and never once got the devestating results that history seems to paint.

The enemy squads were either advancing or walking. I did not try sneaking or assaulting.

I am not knocking CM as a game cos I love it to bits but cannot help wonder why the first burst of any weapons are so innefective including the MG's. Then once the troops hit the dirt the take more casualties?

This is what made me ponder firepower values in the first place. I went along with the "zeroing in" as to my mind you got a bonus to firepower, hidden, after the initial burst to explain the casualties once the troops had taken cover but it probly is a programming bug/error?

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You know, the reason that computer war games are much better than war board games is that you DON'T have to compute everything yourself. If you have any experience with the game at all you should have an instinct for how much damage you will do without multiplying by various decimals for five minutes before you shoot at someone. Rules of thumb like Redwolf's 1 FP=1% chance are useful, even if inaccurate. Anything more complex is just giving yourself an unnecessary headache.

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