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Fog with ATI graphics cards

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I just updated from driver ATI 6.5 to 7.10 and noticed that I now have fog in the game.

When was this fixed? I never heard a peep on the boards here (though I do not check the CMBB board all that often) but this used to be the big bugaboo for all ATI graphics cards.

Whatever happened, I am impressed and want to try "Royal Opponent" once again as the graphics look even more improved. Whoever fixed this, good for you. It has improved the game immensely.

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Der Alte Fritz,

I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Whenever you are in town, I will take you up on that coffee (Tim Horton's preferably).

I thought I was just being slow and this fix had been implemented months ago. I was surprised that so many of us had not known about it and that BF has not been more vocal (though they may have been and I just missed those posts).

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That is very good news, this was the biggest problem with ATI drivers and CMx1, although I am surprised ATI would finally add support for table fog now, when almost no games still use that method.

What about FSAA? is that still a problem?, I remember ATI could not do FSAA in 16 bit which meant no FSAA in CMx1.

Does this work with the 2900 too? The new ATI RV670 cards coming out next month look interesting, but lack of support for table fog in CMx1 was one of the biggest issue holding me back.

I presume it is the same in both XP and Vista?

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